1 February 2010


为大姐设计了一个衣服品牌的logo,全名是Ministry of Dress,小生把MOD三个字母组成了这位跳芭蕾的姑娘(?)还没打上名字,成品大概要拖个许久吧。售卖的服装由我姐姐设计,然后老妈把成品做出来,手工的。以后将贴上网站链接,免费帮姐姐打广告。


❤ Kylie ❤ said...

berry berry de cute logo
gorgor pandai ^_____^

launch le let moi moi know~~
moi moi wan~~~ xD

牛油小生 said...

launch liao sure let u know^^

ice said...

i wan buy i wan buy i wan buy i wan buyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Anonymous said...

can i know what software u paint for this logo, izit come from hand-drawing? or by photoshop/illustrator?

牛油小生 said...

Hand-drawing, then i photoshop a bit on the color.